Dynamic Martial Arts - Boost your Child's Development

La Ronge Ninja Kids Martial Arts® blends Junan Taiso (Japanese Yoga), Karate, and Jujutsu into a program full of Play & Exploration, movement, problem solving, fun, and self defence. Our training targets the stages of development of kids ages 3 to 14 years old, and focus on enhancing your child’s physical, emotional, social, and intellectual abilities. Teens 14+ can join our adult program. Come train with us...! 


Ages 3 - 5

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Ages 6 - 8

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Ages 9 - 10

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TEEN 11+

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Ninja Kids Martial Arts.

Dynamic Martial Arts to BOOST your Child's Development. It's Fun & Exciting!

Huge Difference!

The La Ronge Ninja Kids has made a huge difference in my son’s confidence and focus. Chris Defeijter is such a great motivator and a positive role model. Thank you so much!


Positive Experience

This has been such a positive experience for my kids. Recommended 100%!


We Love Ninja Kids!

This past year 2016/17 was his first time ever signing my son up for the Ninja Kids program. I have to say it was the best decision ever for him to be honest. He enjoys and really keeps his focus on what he’s taught from his instructor. I always mention 2 rules to go by each time: #1 Focus and #2 Listen. My son sure takes them into consideration! Thank-you very MUCH for taking the time to teach what these kids love: NINJA KIDS


Great Dedication

Thank you for a great year and your dedication. Our son is looking forward to next year!


Content is Great!

Thought it would be a great thing to learn. My daughter likes it. It would be helpful if the children in the 7-9 age group took it a little more seriously, they tend to fool around and joke a lot. I find they aren't trying to learn the moves as well as they could because they are busy making jokes about them. But I find the content is great!


Enjoy the Weekly Ritual!

We joined Ninja Kids to learn how to focus and give my son an activity that he can connect with. My son really enjoys our weekly ritual of going to Ninja Kids. He still struggles with focus and perseverance during class, but I have seen some improvements. I love the program and look forward to continuing to work with my son in this.


Improved his Motor Skill

Great program, it is too bad we have to move out of town. Thanks so much for helping my son improve his motor skills, now he is much less clumsy. I hope you can help us with finding a good martial arts school in the big city!


Fun exercises and Good Atmosphere

I have been doing martial arts for a long time and I wanted my daughter to hopefuly experience the great things martial arts has to offer such as fitness and self defense just to name a few. My daughter really enjoys the fun exercises and good atmosphere in the dojo and the instructors are really great with the children. There isnt a lot that needs improving from my point of view I have been quite happy with everything so far!



Our son and granddaughter can’t wait for next season’s lessons to start up. Tiniki, for training our children.


Time Table 2019 – 2020


Martial arts take discipline to master. Children learn, through their instructors, the importance of patience and self-awareness.

Social Skills

Children pair off for grappling instruction, helping shy and quiet children build friendships. Kids also learn to perform in front of a crowd of peers instilling the confidence needed for socializing.


Many people currently live their lives as if in a dream. Never really present, but going through the motions. Learning complex moves that different martial arts offer forces focus and discipline.


Children will develop an exercise and fitness routine unconsciously with the continued physical exertion. Exercises improve strength and in doing so train kids to maintain their health.


Respect is gained through the power of instruction. Children will learn to show unwavering respect to their sensei and that will transfer to authority figures of all types.


Since martial arts are taught for children and adults of all ages and skill levels, divisions are created elsewhere through the earning of coloured stripes and belts. White is the first, yellow next, orange and so on until black belts are earned. These achievements instill confidence and teach children to set goals.

Teens 14+

When teens turn 14, they can become formal member of our Adult group, and train twice per week (90 minutes each session).