Care instructions for Ninja Kids Uniform

  1. Wash in cold water (Hand wash or in the machine).
  2. Do not use Bleach. A stain remover may be used to remove dirty spots
  3. Hang dry only, NEVER dry a Ninja Kids uniform in a laundry dryer.

Care Instructions for Ninja Kids Belt

  1. Wash in cold water, hand wash ONLY.
  2. Dry naturally, NEVER dry a Ninja Kids belt in a laundry dryer.
  3. Stretch belt a bit while it is still wet to reshape it.

How to tie a Ninja Kids Belt

Quite a few ways exist to tie a Ninja Kids belt. The video below shows two popular ways. Our favourite is the twice wrap around, as it keeps the belt from crossing in the back. Please take a look at the video below to see two examples of how to tie a belt.

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