Samurai Teens - Adolescent Program

Our newest program teaches Japanese Jujutsu in a safe and exciting way, including, locks, throws, pins, escapes, kicks, punches, and body movement in general. It is the same program that we teach to adults, however some more dangerous techniques are not included in the Teens program.

If your child is ready to start learning a true Japanese martial art, without the need for competition and focusing on self-defence and self-esteem, this is the program!

Developmental Benefits

  Physical - The Ninja Teens program teaches traditional Japanese Jujutsu following the Suigetsujuku organization in Japan. Besides being fantastic for self-defence, it teaches kids hand-eye-feet coordination, body movement, problem-solving, as well as general physical conditioning and emotional development.

  Cognitive - All Ninja Teens start with 60 basic techniques. These techniques cover a variety of different skills against different types of grabs, strikes, and holds. After these 60 techniques, participants advanced to more difficult skills, taught in “kata” form.

  Social - Since Jujutsu is done in pairs, some of our adult members train at the same time. They are there to help the Ninja Teens where needed as well.


Samurai Teens - How they Learn

With the emphasis on essential martial arts and self defence, members in this group train hard. They learn often quite challenging skills, which require focus on details,as well as continued practice outside the training. Kids in this group can earn formal belt ranking depending on their skill progression. When it is time to learn basic weapon skills, each participant is required to watch for safety of self and others before more difficult techniques are taught. 

Members who are transitioning in from our Ninja Kids Martial arts Program trade in their junior belt during their first exam. That is when they also earn the official Japanese patch for on their jacket. Members who are 12 years old also start to practice skills in preparation to transition to the adult program at age 14. 

Samurai Teens - Dynamic Martial Arts

Since Samurai Teens work on their global development and not just on Martial Arts, our training is often referred to as Dynamic Martial Arts. There is nothing wrong with traditional martial arts. However, the way children learn these days differs so much from the way traditional martial arts are taught. Training them differently creates much more buy-in, enjoyment and success!