Unique Martial Arts

Our newest specialty program teaches the art of Shurikenjutsu (Japanese throwing nails) in a modern and safe manner: we call it SHURIKENDO®

Throwing Japanese spikes can provide hours of Enjoyment & Mindfulness activities to Kids. Why? Because all of us love throwing things, no matter what our age is! Now your child can enjoy the opportunity to funnel their energy for throwing into an exciting and competitive activity while working on Mindfulness and hand-eye coordination at the same time!

SHURIKENDO® is a modern version of an ancient Japanese martial art called Shurikenjutsu and was created by our head instructor Chris de Feijter and grand master Yasuyuki Otsuka in Japan. It is a safe and kids-friendly version of an ancient Japanese martial art.

SHURIKENDO® is currently implemented in a private school in Calgary. These kids practice SHURIKENDO® almost every day! We plan on holding a friendly competition with them sometime in school year 2019-2020.

Start enjoying throwing soft or hard Bo-Shuriken (Japanese Throwing Nails) at a target, either for competitive reasons or as a mindful activity! Your child will love it!

"I love SHURIKENDO, ever since I started learning it in 2015 from my dad and Otsuka-sensei. I am getting better at it, and sometimes I just cannot stop training!"

Benjamin, 11


Under supervision of our Head Instructor, kids learn how to throw “soft” Bo-Shuriken in a target. They start close, and gradually move further away from the target. As the skills improve, kids learn throwing methods from either hand.

When kids get proficient, they may be promoted to start learning how to throw the “hard” Bo-Shuriken. These types are used by kids 14+ only under strict monitoring by our Head Instructor.


If your child wants to participate in ​SHURIKENDO®, please contact Chris de Feijter on Facebook, or post in the La Ronge Ninja Kids Facebook Group.


Who: Ninja Kids Members ages 9+
Friday Evening, 7:00pm - 7:45pm. Pre-Cam Gym.

Cost: $20 one-time payment per school year
(includes a set of soft Bo-Shuriken and covers small materials)

​SHURIKENDO® is a registered trademark.