NINJA KIDS MARTIAL ARTS is not your typical martial arts program for many reasons. Read about what makes our program different.


We run parts of the acclaimed Skillz Program. We are the only school in the Northern half of Saskatchewan that runs a martial arts program that targets the development of our youth members. Each program as a specific component that focuses on physical skills, cognitive skills, as well as social skills.


Besides our team being very experienced martial artists, they are also professionals in the area of child development. The head instructor (Chris) is a doctoral level educator, specializing in special education This means that he tailors the  overall program to fit with the specific needs of each of the members. Our volunteer assistant (Idan) is a physical therapist who assists members during the training with their personal movement needs. He helps kids adjust their body in the most optimal way for their body type.  For these reasons, La Ronge Ninja Kids Martial Arts has been accepting kids with special needs!


The Ninja Kids Martial Arts program focuses on the development of each of the members, without the need to attend competitions.  The belt examinations do not include a sparring component, and only focus on ensuring each member progresses within their level of development. At Ninja Kids Martial Arts, all members are winners.